Summer Vibes

How to create a summer mood at home?

What does everyone associate with the arrival of summer? First of all, with freshness, ease, pleasant aroma, hovering in the air and an elusive sensation of change. So you want to surprise everyone with your positive and enjoy every single day. To do this, you should not wait for someone to create your mood, but create it yourself. But how to do that?

First you need to put your house in order, get rid of dust, unnecessary things and add more light. You can change the color of the tulle and curtains, perfect as light delicate tones, such as pale pink, pastel, pale lilac, and bright colors – yellow, orange, hot pink, light green.

Of course, do not forget to wash the windows with the onset of spring, it would seem a trifle, but how fun it immediately becomes in the room. Now proceed to the changes in your interior, how far you go, it is already up to you. Start by changing all the thick woolen blankets to light air capes, you can buy small colored pillows that will color your room.

Cover your table with a beautiful tablecloth

It is not necessary to cover the tables only in the kitchen, any table will be decorated with a lace or tablecloth made of natural materials. You can hang on the walls of bright summer pictures or any other composition, uplifting, which, by the way, is in any household store and are very inexpensive. Do not forget about how smells affect our mood. For this, you should buy special flavors or simple sets of dried herbs. It is better to stop on flower or fruit smells. There are also mini-candles, they add a romantic mood and smell very nice.

Flowers are an indispensable attribute of a good mood, especially for women. You can certainly remind a man so that he does not forget to give you flowers every day or to buy freshly cut bouquets for yourself, but they cannot be compared with fresh flowers in a pot. All you have to do is buy a rectangular pot, earth, and a few bulbs, such as tulip, crocus, hyacinth, or foxgloss. Flower shop sellers will tell you in detail how to plant and care for these flowers. Within a week after planting, the first shoots will begin to break out of the ground, and a week later the first buds will begin to appear. These flowers are charged with an unusual surge of energy.

Summer sunburn

In winter, we all walk under layers of clothing, and we are little worried about our own pale skin color, but in the summer we want to hit men around us with our dark skin. And here, of course, there are two options: buy a subscription to a solarium and look in there several times a week, or use self-tanning. Just remember that it should be applied very carefully and carefully smeared, otherwise uneven spots may remain. And do not forget about the sun and its rays, which are natural and even tan.


Sports are useful at any time of the year, but in the summer it is especially important due to the onset of the beach season. But what about those who do not like to puff in gyms, or run in the mornings, but you still want a beautiful figure and a charge of mood? Go to the pool. When swimming in water, almost all muscle groups work, but there is no fatigue, on the contrary, positive and lightness appear throughout the body. 

Summer music

Music is a very powerful stimulator of emotions and moods. Once you need a good mood, then the music should not be sad or heavy. Everyone has special songs, after listening to which, the mood instantly rises, download them to your player and listen on the way to work or set to the alarm signal, and it will be easier to get up. You can use the advice of psychologists and include harmonizing music as background – birds singing, ocean noise, classical music or optimistic auto-training. Do not forget to change the screensaver on your desktop, setting a sunny landscape with summer flowers instead of snow trees.

Fruit and herbal tea

Want a light mood, then do not litter your body with heavy and coarse food. Eat more fruits – bananas, kiwi, pears and oranges. Make fruit and vegetable salads, filling them with vegetable oil, and you will see how instead of the usual feeling of filling the stomach, there will be a sea of ​​strength and energy. You should also take care of drinks, drink more mineral water, green tea, dairy products and herbal teas are very useful, but you should be careful with the dosage of herbs. Herbal tea can be drunk either separately or added to regular tea.

New perfumes

Delicious perfumes can delight a woman with their fragrance all day. For winter, more tart persistent aromas are suitable, and in summer it is better to choose light floral or herbal fragrances. Perfumes with fruit and tea notes will also do, and there are also absolutely natural perfumes made from essential oils. Not only are they very persistent, as many oils are also aphrodisiac. Summer exacerbation In the summer, all our feelings become aggravated, they begin to play.


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