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20 Beautiful Anime Art Ideas – Best Anime Arts You’ll Love

Beautiful Anime Art Ideas

Ideas for the Sketchbook: 20+ Options What to Draw in the Sketchbook

The reasons why people decide to keep a sketchbook might be different. Someone just rests, someone wants to create the habit of drawing daily, to improve their drawing skills and someone else just sketches what he saw on the memory. I believe the following ideas for the sketchbook will be useful to both.

I collected different sketching ideas and divided them into categories. Each item can be either one page in your album, or the main idea of ​​the whole sketchbook. For clarity, I illustrated the points with examples from my sketchbooks.

Let’s start with the usual use of a sketchbook for artists.

Sketchbook as an Album of Natural Drawings

For the artist, an album with sketches is a constant companion. How to know where you will meet the plot, which will be asked in the picture …

And in this sketchbook you can find a variety of subjects. However, now many skitcher are thematic skitbuki, i.e. Each album is dedicated to a specific theme.

Let’s see what could be such a topic for the whole sketchbook, and what to draw on its pages.

  1. Sketches in the cafe:
  2. Draw the ordered dish;
  3. Make a still life of food and dishes;
  4. Capture the interior of the cafe;
  5. Record the overall impression;
  6. Complete the recipe with a recipe for a dish or check for lunch;
  7. Draw a view from the cafe window
  8. sketchbook ideas, sketches in a cafe

Ideas for a Sketchbook, Sketchbooking in a Cafe

I have a lot of such sketches in a cafe. This is because in a cafe you have to spend a considerable part of your time waiting for an order, or just while away the time on the road.

Botanical sketches:

Create a drawing herbarium. Draw the leaves of different trees. You can and the trees themselves.
Draw different flowers, studying them;
Dedicate the sketchbook or its page to sketching the gifts of nature: fruits, fruits, vegetables
Sketch various mushrooms and berries
Landscape sketches (general plan):
Park landscape: Draw a part of the park, paths, benches, lanterns, park sculptures;
Seascape: Outline the seashore, the beach or just a wave of the sea;
Rural landscapes: rural houses, fields, forests;
Cityscapes: Draw the life of a big city with its houses, streets, cars;
Industrial landscapes: Feel like an architect, drawing industrial structures, boom cranes, factories, depots and train stations;
ideas for sketchbook, landscapes

Architectural sketches:

Sketch houses of different styles, studying their features;
Admire the various temples, churches, cathedrals;
Draw a part of the structure: arch, gable, capital of the column;
Sketch the monuments of architecture;
Build a collection of decor – how and how architecture is decorated;
Draw a sculpture or reliefs from the facade of the building;
Street lights are a very beautiful theme;
Small architectural forms: arbors, bridges, advertising cabinets, bus stops;
Animal Sketches:
Draw a portrait of your pet;
Perform quick sketches of the animal in motion – a few pieces on one sheet;
It is possible to draw animals more long and in detail with stuffed animals in the museum;
Portraits and human figure:
Draw a self portrait in the mirror;
Or paint your hands, feet
Make sketches of people in transport (metro, train, plane);
Sketches in the park, where people relax, relax – also a good idea
Draw your family members;
Make sketches of ballerinas, actors, singers, being at a concert;
Visit the studio, where they invite the sitters for posing;
Draw people from the screen when watching a TV show or movie;
Use a posemaniacs site to draw nudes;
sketching ideas, sketches of animals

If drawing from life is not your strong point, then you can be inspired by the ideas of a sketchbook that will become a useful encyclopedia for you. And you can draw here to the best of your abilities!

More interesting and useful drawing information.
from artist Marina Trushnikova
You will find in the electronic journal “Life in Art”.


Create a handwritten lunar calendar to study the influence of the moon on a person’s life;
Love the garden and the garden? Then the “gardener’s calendar” will be relevant to you – you can draw what you had at what time it grew, bloomed, what kind of harvest you got;
Or make a sketchbook with a selection of folk signs


Make a drawing with a map of cities where you have already visited;
Draw a heart, divided into fragments, indicating the share of each city;
Sketch the cities where you want to go;
Or attractions that you want to visit;
Tell in pictures the history of the cities where you were;
Draw the city where you live, your favorite places;
Draw the city in which there are fortresses;


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