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Fairy Tail Kawaii – 10 Best Wallpaper Backgrounds and Drawing Ideas

Fairy Tail Kawaii Drawing Ideas

You are flying in a balloon under a rainbow arch somewhere above the emerald meadows of Norway. And you understand that when you wake up, all this will no longer be with you – no ball, no rainbow, nor Norwegian meadows-valleys. How to save all this? Yes, you guessed it.

“According to how you see things, what feelings are hidden behind your work, you change. Drawing helps not only to transfer and copy objects. With it, you can enhance the seen and give the object an emotional component. Drawing from this will only get better! Feel free to draw as you feel. The picture should show how you feel about the object! Compromise in art means death. The brighter the emotions in the drawing, the more interesting it is. ”

This thought from the book “The Album of Your Ideas” seems to have greatly influenced my drawing style. On my attitude to the picture. Before, I really wanted to copy everything very precisely when I copied from pictures or pictures I liked. But the accuracy in the drawing is not the most important thing, for that there is a camera. Copies are not interesting. But when the figure shows the relationship to the object, you can see the emotions – is another matter. And what the camera is definitely not suitable for is that they cannot capture an idea, or a dream, or a memory. And you can draw all this.

Below I will tell you about this book in more detail, but for now what has happened in the past couple of weeks.


Remember the insane beauty of the dawn from a past release? I still have divorced paint, and they made a feather.

When I first started drawing, two days before the summer, I was seriously interested in the question – where do illustrators take images from? I know now the answer to this question. First, the image comes up with the task. The book “Profession Illustrator” perfectly shows how to do this with the Morphological matrix tool. Secondly, the image throws your own unconscious, when you do not expect it at all. I have this most often at the time of falling asleep. On one of the nights, this story was born on a background of bright clouds:

Watercolor pen – a wonderful miracle. Very cool things she can do. You can mix colors, vary the color saturation, write out very thin elements. Charm. When drawing this picture, I thought that she would have to try to make hand-made postcards for her. It is perfect for this. Sometimes priceless things cost nothing at all.

Something is all bright and colorful for me, I’ll draw a reality, I thought once. Long chose colors, mixed colors: white, ultramarine, bright blue, sepia and neutral black. And drew the sky. Real summer sky Perm 2015. Looks like?

Sketchouting, evolution for 50 days. On the left, what happened when I was just starting to draw. The first book about Visual Notes, remember? It turned out to say, Kalyaki 🙂 Right – the second attempt in about 50 days. Neatness, shadows, composition – I like much more.

In the winter, I did not tolerate it until “Artbook” was translated, I looked through it in English. A few weeks ago, he finally came out in Russian. And I studied it far and wide. That same night, I had a dream, as if I were going to Moscow shops in search of the “perfect notebook” for the role of the artbook. Going through all the notebooks in Moscow is no joke. It’s necessary that the cover should be liked and the sheets of the correct color and density should be, and that there should be no springs. So be it, even without a pocket at the end, I attach it myself. But the search is not crowned with anything. But in Perm I bought myself this:

This handsome white man is incomparable – with a rubber band, with a white bookmark, with a pocket on the last page to collect beauty in it. And sheets – perfect whiteness and density.

Some ideas from Artbook:

Pay attention to what made you laugh or help to see the beauty, what was difficult and interesting – from these fragments will make your records, and you will learn to notice the little everyday wonders. Make a list of five things, deeds, and states that have delighted you today. Sketch any of this in your diary.

Take the album with you wherever you go, or keep something at hand that you can at least make a sketch of if you have a desire. Everything will do, even a check from an ATM or paper napkin. Such random sketches can always be pasted into the album.

And in the diary, you can paste tickets, business cards, invitations, dried leaves and flowers, postcards or other memorable and lovely heart excerpts of reality.

Watercolor life hacking – a couple of minutes before you start to draw, you can sprinkle paint from the spray with clean water. Color will be much deeper and richer.

You can sharpen the wooden handle of the brush and get an additional handy tool for drawing. It turns out something between a pen and a pen. That’s what happened with me when I tried:


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